Tom's career path was decided when he was in 4th grade and came across "Attorney for the Damned" by Clarence Darrow in the featured section of the Chicago Public Library. Being exposed to the troubling rates and methods of incarceration inspired him to make a difference by becoming a criminal defense attorney.  

After graduating from University of Denver Law School in 1984 he became a law clerk in the United States District Court for United States District Judge John L Kane. 

From there he went on to serve as a deputy district attorney prosecuting felonies in and for the District Attorney of the 16th Judicial District of the State of Colorado. This break in his path of defense was a strategic move to gain insight which would ultimately make him a more effective defender. 

He began his private practice four three years later in 1987 and for the last 30 years, Thomas has dedicated his career towards minimizing the punishments inflicted on his clients by the legal system.